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Social Contribution

Healthy company is started from the healthy mind.
Pharmsville is practicing the share with the community and neighbors in order for all people of the whole world to keep the healthy life.
We will reward for the love received from the customers and fulfill the responsibility as a social enterprise.
We will realize the value as a healthy brand through various social contribution activities.




지역사회 후원

행당동 주민센터


녹색결혼 캠페인 후원

사단법인 단체 생명의 숲

Africa Asia Refugees Education Supporters’ Association

Nepal Bumimata ‘Hope Library’ Sponsor



Healthy Consumption Habit • Environment Protection Campaign ‘Eco-Label‘ Introduction
Do Eco-Label if you would eat immediately!

What is Eco-Label Campaign?

LOVE Earth, LOVE People, Apple Tree Kimyaksane Mission to keep the Earth and People

It is a healthy campaign in progress in an attempt to reduce the food wastes and to prevent environmental pollution while buying the products cheaply of which label or box is damaged or the one of which expiry date is approaching although there is no problem in product quality.

Consumers Healthy Consumption Habit! Apple Tree Kimyaksane to the alienated neighbors!
* A part of sales profit of Eco-Label is delivered to alienated neighbors.