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Recruitment Information

The global specialty functional health food company of Pharmsville Co., Ltd. Invites talented persons equipped with passionate challenging mind and limitless potentials. We wish much interest and application by capable persons equally equipped with healthy mind and ability.

Submission Document

1. Job Application Form (Download our company’s form)
2. Career Description (Career Positions), Portfolio (Only for web-design applicants)
3. Other Documents (Graduation Certificate, Career Certificate etc.) should be submitted afterwards by the successful candidates only

* Submitted documents will never be returned.
* Please make sure to specify the desired annual salary on the job application form.(If omitted, it may be excluded from the examination object.)

Selection Method

  • STEP1 Application Review
  • STEP2 Working-Level Interview
  • STEP3 Director’s Interview
  • STEP4 Individual Notice of Result

Place of Submission and Inquiries

Responsible Department : Management Planning Team
E-Mail : plan@pharmsville.com


Job Application Download