Pharmsville Co., Ltd. is trying to make the health food most natural for our body

Pharmsville Co., Ltd. (2000~) The president Byeong Wook LEE realized himself that the medicine is not all for the preserving of health and that the prevention of disease while one is healthy is more important than the treatment after having a disease.

He entered into the field of functional health food naturally while being absorbed in the fundamental thought of health, and established the ‘Pharmsville’, the representative functional health food company in Korea.

For the root of ‘Pharmsville’, he is inspired by our ancestors who have been dealing with the body through the foods. We have been dealing with health through the foods in the history of 5000 years as may be known in the ‘Donguibogam’, the representative traditional medical book.
We are trying to produce the most natural health food for our body based on the deep experience and wisdom acquired through this.

In the past we could protect our body enough by taking the nutrition from the nature only, but nowadays we may not take complete nutrition as being threatened by environmental pollution, chemical substances etc.

Furthermore, the health condition of each individual becomes not to be standardized due to the trend changing so fast, and various life styles. Under these circumstances, the functional health food market is expanded thoughtlessly, but there has been no company which is operated with right information and standard.

In order to correct this, ‘Pharmsville’ launched the brand of ‘Apple Tree Kimyaksane’, and has progressed the professional health counseling as per the individual health condition headed by the professional pharmacist. Our company has become the beginning of customized functional health food and leads the market, while consumer’s needs are thoroughly analyzed based on this and the professional pharmacist directly participates in the raw materials as well as the design of balanced nutrition.

Even at this time, ‘Pharmsville’ is strengthening the strong based functional health food as the nourishment of the human health, which was born with the insight to see the good raw materials with the wisdom in our deep-rooted history and the endless research, and the cutting edge development ability of the professional manpower and research group.