• Launched in VIP.com, TMALL, JD.com in China
    Established ‘Pharmsville Biotech Co., LTD’
    Selected as TOP company by Wanghong(Chinese power blogger)&Elle china
    Top seller in www.Immall.co.kr(TV-shopping), ‘Pure Spirulina Premium’
    TV & Radio advertisement (Devil Diet ‘Diet like drinking water’)
    2016 Grand Prize of Korea Innovation Star(Devil Diet, Mom Salido)
    2016 1st Korea Customer Satisfaction Index in Functional Food Section for 2 years in a row
    2016 Titled ‘HIT PRODUCT’ (Only selected in Functional Food Part in Korea)


  • Launched in Lotte Duty Free Store
    Launched in MBC AMERICA(TV shopping)
    2015 Grand Prize for ‘Customer Love Brand’ in Diet/Slimming Part
    Entered Lotte Duty-free Shop, Shilla Duty-free Shop
    Operate VIP Shop Brand Center in China
    Export Devil Diet certified by American FDA
    Devil Diet War 7 Hyundai Home Shopping Launching
    Public Home Shopping (I’m Shopping) Launching
    ‘Pure Spirulina Premium’, ‘Green Eye Health Super Lutein’
    Mom Salido, Brazil Propolis Spray NS Home Shopping Launching
    Devil Diet Enter Convenience Store and Drugstore
    ‘Drinking Devil Diet Premium’ GS Home Shopping Launching and Consecutive Sellout
    ‘Devil Diet Aqua Premium Mango Flavor NS Home Shopping Launching
    ‘Organic Rice Bran Vitality’ NS Home Shopping Launching and Simultaneous Consecutive Sellout


  • Global Growth Ladder Company Selection by Korea Trade Insurance Corporation
    ‘Joint Salido’ Lotte Home Shopping Launching and Simultaneous Sellout
    ‘Drinking Devil Diet ’ NS Home Shopping Diet Sales No. 1
    MOU Signed with Wooridul Hospital
    ‘Foaming Garcinia’ NS Home Shopping Diet Sales No. 1
    Pharmsville Co., Ltd. Established Overseas Corporation in Indonesia


  • NS Home Shopping ‘Devil Diet (Foaming Garcinia)’ Launching
    Received 2013 Seoul Fair Hope Seoul Excellent Environmental Product Award, Excellent Design Product Award, Excellent Technology Product Award
    2013 Korean Food Fair Entered Isetan Department Store in Malaysia
    Entered Seoul Station SMB Premium Floor
    Entered Lotte Drugstore LOB’S
    ‘Apple Tree Kimyaksane 24Hours Diet’ Series Selection as SMB Hit500 Product
    GBP2013(Global Business Plaza 2013) Export Contract Signed
    Apple Tree Kimyaksane ‘Devil Diet’ Brand Launching
    24Hours Diet Cookies & Cream Home Shopping Launching(Home & Shopping/NS Home Shopping )


  • Export Promising SMB / Kotra Global Brand Company Selection
    Natural Product Functional Materials R&D Center Establishment
    Technology Innovation Type SMB (INNO-BIZ) Selection
    IP Star Company Selection among Seoul City Excellent Companies
    Seoul City Hi Seoul Brand Company Selection
    Doctor Solution Brand Functional Health Food Launching in Joint Research with Cha Hospital
    Purchased Manufacture & Logistics Center Site in the Chuncheon Toegye Agricultural Industrial Complex
    Established the Responsible Package Design Research Department for Functional Food
    Venture Company Technology Evaluation Company Selection
    Factory and Functional Food Annexed Laboratory in Hanam City Iteco
    Honest Taxpayer Award- By the Director of the National Tax Service
    Achievement Award-By the Functional Health Food Association


  • In cooperation with Shinsegye Department Store, Hyundai Department Store, Event per Stores
    Brand Line-up per Health Foods Product Group (Product Development and Manufacture, Import)
    Transaction Contract and entering more than 20 Domestic Closed Mall of Easywell etc.
    Opened the Shop No.1 of Apple Tree Specialty Health Road Shop
    Off0line Distribution Expanded with Samsung Plaza, Homever, Savezone etc.
    ‘Apple Tree Kimyaksane’ affiliated with more than 20 Integrated Shopping Malls etc.
    ‘Apple Tree Kimyaksane’ Functional Health Food Specialty Shopping Mall OPEN
    Pharmsville Establishment (2000.03)